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I order ViBERi Ruby for special gift baskets and just for pure pleasure. Delicious and healthy! Everyone has said how much they appreciate them. Santa will not have a problem with these as stocking fillers and gift baskets this year!

K. H.

ViBERi Cacao are a family favourite so each of the kids are getting a packet for Christmas. We all love them!

Awhi. L.O

I gave ViBERi Noir as Christmas presents last year. I went round to see my family the next day and the first packet was empty. Delicious and very moreish I was told!

Penny G.

ViBERi Organic Blackcurrant Powder has been awarded NZ Organic Food Product of the Year 2021!

ViBERi Certified Organic Blackcurrant Orchard - Pleasant Point, New Zealand.

ViBERi is a 100% certified organic blackcurrant orchard in South Canterbury, New Zealand.

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Blackcurrants offer us so many amazing health benefits...

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You can shop our 100% certified organic blackcurrant range direct from the ViBERi orchard.